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The 1960s Brigitte Beehive Hairstyle Tutorial

The hair in a beehive wasn't always clipped completely out of the way. Emerging from the bouffant hairstyle, it also became popular for beehives to have a little bit of hair left down. Usually worn curly, this sexy style was seen on Brigitte Bardot and copied by countless fans in the sixties.

This is a softer beehive, fashioned without using a hairpiece. It is created with backcombing, which is a quicker and easier way to build a beehive, and better for thicker hair.

For a more modern style, you can backcomb your hair and smooth it just enough to give you shape, leaving you with a messy, textured beehive.

You will need

  • Rollers
  • Curling tongs
  • Hair ties
  • comb
  • Hairspray
  • Boar bristle brush
  • Kirby grips

Step 1

Prep your hair using rollers or tongs for volume and wave

Step 2

Take a diamond section of hair around your crown and tie it into a ponytail. Section off the top, sides and back of the hair and clip away.

Step 3

Split the ponytail into smaller sections and start backcombing each section to create a good amount of volume

Now fasten the sections around the ponytail with kirby grips to create the necessary padding for your beehive

Step 4

Separate the top of your hair from the sides and start to backcomb, taking sections diagonally across your head. Spray with hairspray from time to time to hold

Step 5

Smooth this section over the top of the backcombed ponytail. You can do this by rolling the section loosely over you hand and pinning the section below the ponytail with kirby grips. Arrange the height at the top into shape and spray with hairspray to hold

Step 6

Backcomb the sides in the same way as the top section. Smooth and pin them into place by rolling them inwards around your fingers towards the ponytail. The ends from the top and sides should be tucked away, covering the original ponytail. Spray with hairspray

Step 7

Tong the ends of your hair if you prefer curly ends (this hairstyle could also look great with straight ends, if you prefer this, you could stop here)

Step 8

Pin the curled ends loosely up towards the ponytail to create a tousled look. Spray with hairspray to hold.

By Audrey-Hunter 06/24/2015 09:21:00

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