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1950's Marilyn Hairstyle Set Tutorial

Women in the forties and fifties would spend hours styling their hair. It was usual to make regular weekly trips to the hairdresser for a shampoo and set. During the war, when money was tight, the weekly trips may have become fortnightly trips - this is when tying scarves came in very handy. Women would also have their own set of rollers and learned to roll up and pin curl their own hair at home. It wasn't unusual for women to spend all day working around the house with rollers in, setting their hair ready for their evening out.

You will need

  • Rollers and pins
  • Pin-tail comb
  • Portable dryer
  • Styling products

Step 1

Shampoo and towel dry your hair. Apply some mousse, setting lotion or other styling products and comb through

Step 2

Section your hair into five

Section 1: a section, the width of your roller, directly over the center of your head - from your front hairline to back hairline.

Section 2: a roller width down and through the front left side of your head

Section 3: a roller width down and through the back left side of your head

Section 4: a roller width down and through the front right side of your head

Section 5: a roller width down and through the back right side of your head

Secure all the sections of hair out of the way.

Step 3

Start working on the first section of hair - the section that runs over the center of your head. Take a 2 cm section of hair horizontally across the front of the section. Comb this section straight up from your head. Hold the ends of the section between your thumb and index finger. With the other hand, place a roller at the end of your section and flip the ends of the hair over the top of the roller.

Roll this up, use the end of a pintail comb to drag the ends under to the center of the roller, so you don't get fishhooks (a term that refers to pieces of hair that are folded sharply in the wrong direction), as they make the ends of your hair look fluffy.

Now fix this section of hair firmly in place

Step 4

Continue this process all the way through the center section. You may need someone to help you do the same at the back.

Step 5

Now start rolling up the sides in the same way. Each of the sections needs to be combed directly out from your head so that the rollers are rolled on the base of your hair (the hair is directed straight out from the head once the roller is secure)

Step 6

Continue this process for your entire head of hair

Step 7

Once your hair has been completely rolled up into the set, you can either sit under a portable dryer (which should take about 30 minutes) or leave it to dry naturally (which could take 8-12 hours depending on the thickness of your hair)

Step 8

Remove all of the rollers once your hair is totally dry

Step 9

Using a boar bristle brush, start to brush out the curls. You can be quite firm while brushing them out. Work the ends under with the brush and turn them inwards towards your face.

Step 10

Spray with hairspray to hold


Tip: A set should last a couple of days if you don't get it wet. When you get up in the morning, gently backcomb your hair to put it back into place

By Lena-Hamm 06/25/2015 05:59:00

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