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The 1960s Jackie O Bouffant Hairstyle Tutorial

Although this hairstyle is an icon of the sixties, it actually came into fashion in the fifties in the United States. It was designed to balance out the full-skirted shape of fifties dresses.

There was a lot of debate among fashion journalists and hairstylists in the fifties as to whether the bouffant would remain in style for long. People were concerned that it might be unflattering to their face shape and later that it was actually unhealthy to backcomb the hair so much. But Jackie Kennedy finally gave it status in 1960 and it was here to stay, remaining in fashion until the end of the sixties.

The bouffant style took many different forms, it was a catch-all term for hair that was oversized and loosely coiffed

You will need

  • Curling tongs
  • Comb
  • Pin tail comb
  • Rollers
  • Hairspray

 Step 1

Prep your hair to create volume using heated rollers, curling tongs, or a hair dryer and pin curl clips

Step 2

Remove the rollers/clips from the curled sections around the bottom of your hairline. Start to tong these sections in reverse (away from your face) so your hair will flick up

Step 3

Backcomb this underneath section at the roots to give some root lift and smooth out

Step 4

Remove the rest of your rollers and take a section through the middle of your head to just below the crown and start to backcomb the hair . Make the hair as big as possible. Spray with hairspray to fix

step 5

Backcomb the sides and spray each section as before

Step 6

Using a boar bristle brush, smooth the backcombing into shape. Do this section by section, spraying each time you smooth the ends in place. Be careful not to comb out all of your backcombing. Use a pintail comb to lift areas that need to be heightened.

Step 7

Give everything a final spray with hairspray to hold


By Audrey-Hunter 06/26/2015 07:05:00

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