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The Barbarella Bouffant Tutorial

The Barbarella is a giant wavy bouffant that is styled on long hair. A combination of the beehive and the shorter bouffant, it is often slightly tousled in style.

In the sixties, when big hair was the height of fashion, this style was featured in the adult Barbarella comic strip and was said to have been styled after Brigitte Bardot. Jane Fonda made the look iconic when she starred in the Barbarella film, which was released in 1968.

This hairstyle was a favourite of go-go dancers, with their knee high boots and miniskirts, who were first seen 'twisting' on the dance floors (and table) in the early sixties.

You will need

  • Heated rollers or curling tongs
  • Comb
  • Boar bristle brush
  • Hair tie

Step 1

Prep your hair using heated rollers and curling tongs to give as much volume as possible and also some curl. This is a big hairstyle — don't be afraid to make it as big as you can. It's easier to pat it down and make it smaller after backcombing.

Step 2

Take a diaminf-shaped section of hair through your crown area and tie this into a ponytail

Step 3

Backcomb all of the hair tied in the ponytail

Step 4

Secure the backcombed ponytail with kirby grips, arranging it in a bouffant-type shape.

This gives the style some extra padding and height

Step 5

Backcomb all the hair around the ponytail to give fullness. Then smooth the top section back with a boar bristle brush to cover your ponytail padding

Step 6

Backcomb your sides and some of the curls on the ends to create extra fullness. This will also help your finished style to hold. Give it all a generous burst of hairspray.


By Jennifer-Short 07/13/2015 08:35:00

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