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Forties headscarf

In the forties, women would often spend all day with their hair in rollers. It didn't look especially nice to have rollers showing while going about daily business; so headscarves were the solution. These also protected hair from the elements. This particular way of tying a scarf was made famous by the war-time poster girl, Rosie the Riveter, and in recent years, has been seen on the likes of Amy Winehouse. It's a great way to hide your hair if you're having a bad hair day.

Step 1

Pin curl your hair or clip it up and out of the way.

Step 2

Take a triangular scarf (if you have a square scarf, simply fold it into a triangle). Place the long edge of the traingle at the nape of your neck and lay the scarf over the top of your head, with the short point of the triangle pointing towards your face. Take the other two points of the triangle and cross them over the top of your head and knot them into the start of a bow

Step 3

Take the short point of the triangle, place it over this first knot and continue tying the long points of the triangle into a bow. Tuck the ends in if you like

By Jennifer-Short 07/13/2015 13:17:00

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