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Twiggy Revamped

We're loving the newest vintage tress effects, Retro Crush

Flip Out

Women fell for the flip out during the 1970s, a look that was often accompanied by a teased, bouffant crown. Today's interpretation is more cut-based so ends  turn up with just a few flicks of your styling brush, rather than a roller-set, and have a more casual feel

Bold New Bouffant

The bouffant is almost as big now as when Jackie Kennedy popularized it in the 1960s (Adele, Lana Del Rey and Madonna are modern fans). Here, teased fullness is redistributed from its usual placement on top to the far back, helped along by an ultra-wide lace headband that adds a feminine feel

Hollywood Hot Stuff

An over-the-eye bang treatment and ends with a bit of soft wave bring to mind 1940s Hollywood. Style hair smooth through the crown, then use a small-barrel curling iron or hot rollers to add a feminine touch all around the perimeter.

Twiggy Revamped

She was the model of the moment in the 1960s, and her sleek, bang-free blonde snip was a major part of her appeal. The current version of the Twiggy is uber-dark with slanted bangs, but the polished surface remains the same, as does those heavily-lined, lashed peepers

Geometry Class

Vidal Sassoon hit the hair fashion scene in the 1960s and brought us the geometric bob, with trademark details like straight-across fringe, surface layers and face-hugging points. Hair was styled smooth to play up the cut's precise lines

Screen Gem

Lush blonde waves an old Hollywood allure and the look every bit as glamorous today. The mane difference: The typical platinum color has morphed into a dimensional gold palette and long layers promote easier wave formation. Use a large-barrel curling iron or try finger styling to bring out your hair's natural movement

Mad For Mod

A variety of elements from the 1960s come together here: a bouffant crown, ends that roll under like the classic pageboy, itty-bitty sideburns and blunt, bombshell bangs. Mod makeup includes uber-thick eyeliner, lashes (both upper and lower) and nude lip color


Almost a century ago, so called Flapper Girls cut their hair as a sign of rebellion. Characterized by blunt, above-the-brow bangs and cheek-hugging points, the look's still much the same. The mane thing that makes this one different is the platinum color




By Audrey-Hunter 10/26/2015 11:01:00

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