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10 Most Glamorous 1970's Disco Hairstyles

The rocker-to-romantic vibe shown here showcases the season's hottest trend...yeah, it's shagadelicious awesome '70s! yeah, baby! The '70s most iconic hairstyles consisted of four distinct personalities. ... Full story

Retro Crush: We're loving the newest vintage tress effects

We're loving the newest vintage tress effects, Retro Crush Flip Out Women fell for the flip out during the 1970s, a look that was often accompanied by ... Full story

Retro is on the rise: Decades-old looks get a right-now revamp

Test out old Hollywood waves a la Lauren Bacall. Or tap into your inner Brigitte Bardor with a bump at the crown. If you've got ... Full story

The Pompadour (Quiff) Hairstyle Tutorial

This is a straightforward way to achieve a classic and fun fifties look. The quiff or pompadour was a popular style in the fifties among ... Full story

1950s Ponytail Scarf

This scarf was a popular way for girls to brighten up their ponytail in the fifies. Tying a chiffon scarf around the base of your ... Full story

1940s Hollywood Starlets Scarf

This style of scarf was frequently seen on Hollywood starlets. The star would tie her scarf as she sat in a Mustang convertible with the ... Full story

1940s Headscarf

In the forties, women would often spend all day with their hair in rollers. It didn't look especially nice to have rollers showing while going ... Full story

The Barbarella Bouffant Hairstyle Tutorial

The Barbarella is a giant wavy bouffant that is styled on long hair. A combination of the beehive and the shorter bouffant, it is often ... Full story

Go Retro: The Most Memorable Styles From The Past Have Been Made Modern

They're Ba-ack! You know what they say: what goes around always comes around, and that's definitely the case with hairstyles! According to Celebrity Stylist Angelo David ... Full story

The 1960s Jackie O Bouffant Hairstyle Tutorial

Although this hairstyle is an icon of the sixties, it actually came into fashion in the fifties in the United States. It was designed to ... Full story

Retro Crush: You'll Fall Fast For These New Takes On Vintage Looks

5 Steps To Vintage Glam Waves Sculpted side waves are a Hollywood classic for a reason—they're gorgeous on the red carpet and beyond! Tap the chic ... Full story

1950's Marilyn Hairstyle Set Tutorial

Women in the forties and fifties would spend hours styling their hair. It was usual to make regular weekly trips to the hairdresser for a ... Full story

The 1960s Brigitte Beehive Hairstyle Tutorial

The hair in a beehive wasn't always clipped completely out of the way. Emerging from the bouffant hairstyle, it also became popular for beehives to ... Full story

The 1960s Joan Beehive Hairstyle Tutorial

The beehive was the most sought-after and replicated hairstyle of the 1960s and is still iconic of that time, along with the Beatles and the ... Full story

The VV Forward Fringe Roll

This style is ideal for anyone who doesn't have a fringe. The fringe roll is an adaptation of the Bettie Page fringe. Bettie Page was the ... Full story

1940s Waves Hairstyle 'The Peek-A-Boo' Tutorial

Made famous by Veronica Lake, the peek-a-boo has been imitated and adapted by many of today's fashion icons. Considered one of the most seductive hairstyles, ... Full story

1920s Finger Waves and Pin Curls Hairstyle Tutorial

During the flapper era, fashions were boyish. Women's figures were hidden beneath straight-cut dresses, hemlines became shorter and so did hair lengths. Cropped bobs became ... Full story

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